Cocido Madrileno is a stew that’s traditionally here in Madrid, in the province of Chinchon.

Let me explain this very simply:  The cocido is made the night before, as it is a braised dish.  As shown in the second picture, what’s braised in the broth is beef, shank, cabbage, morcillo and chorizo (two spanish type sausages).  These are removed after they are cooked and pasta is added to the broth, making a soup for the first course.  Spanish Ramen, if I recall.

This dish, to be honest, reminded me a lot of the Phillipines, a dish called Nilaga.  It’s almost the same concept:  a hearty broth, braised meat, potatoes and cabbage.  It’s kind of cool to me to find such similarities knowing that the Filipino and Spaniard Cultures have such similarties.

Happy eating!